Who I am..

Hello, I'm Brendan! I was born in the last century, and raised in a small town called Orangeville Ontario, Canada! 

The first time I dove into photography was in high school. We were given a roll of film and were told to focus on one theme that could be told through those 36 photos. Since that first roll, I have tried to take on any theme and subject possible to really find what I was interested in capturing. I started out my young adult life playing in bands, attending countless concerts and I quickly learned that music and photography perfectly go hand in hand. Then, after mostly capturing just live music for a few years, I started getting into portrait and wedding photography. Mostly just for friends at first who were starting to reach that stage of their life, but then I started capturing the attention of people who I have never met. It meant the world to me that people saw and liked my photos, and wanted me to be responsible for taking theirs. 

I strive to capture the natural beauty in whatever my subject may be... to get that genuine smile, that candid laugh, because what is the point of an image, if it doesn't truly reflect who you are?  

I am very attached to what photography has brought into my life and look forward to what is ahead. 

Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see, and everything to do with the way you see them...
— Elliott Erwitt